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At Australia Disability Participant, we devote our skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your specific needs of NIDS. We are a registered NDIS provider in Sydney. Our service area also includes Liverpool, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Parramatta, Blacktown.

With dedication and enough resources, our specialist support coordination service helps you to –

  • Understand and utilize your NDIS plan to achieve your goals.
  • Connect you with NDIS providers government services, other communities, and mainstream.
  • Develop your skills and confidence to utilize your support.

Support Coordination

What does a support coordinator do?

Support coordinator duties include basically delivering three levels of support coordination services. The levels are-

Support Connection: It works with building your ability to connect with the informal, community, and funded supports so that let you enjoy the most out of your plan and reach your goal.

Support Coordination: This support will help you in skill-building that makes you understand and utilize your plan. Here our specialist will work with you to improve your capacity to live more independently and be a part of your community.

How does support coordination gets included in a plan?

Based on your reasonable and necessary goals, your support coordination fund will be included in the Capacity Building budget.

If your plan states the level of fund, you can only purchase this level of support coordination. On the other hand, if your plan does not describe the level, you will be able to choose to purchase the level of support coordination that is perfect for your requirements.