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Psychological health plays a big part in a disabled individual which decides whether they are able to live on their own or not. NDIS introduces the Social Support service to improve this state.

It involves a participant in social activities and teaches them the expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring. It also helps them to process advice, suggestions, and information.

Australia Disability Participant is always prioritizing mental well-being and that’s why our expert team is always ready to help you so that you can participate in a social activity without worrying about anything!

Our team assist you to do the followings:

  • Helping you to perform activities bike riding, skiing, kayaking, or other things you love to do as a hobby
  • Visiting your friends and family
  • Going out for watching movies or attending a concert
  • Playing your favorite sports like basketball, tennis, etc.
  • Going out shopping
  • Visiting library or museum
  • Learning new skills like cooking, art, or others

These activities help people with physical, intellectual, and sensory disabilities to enjoy a good time with others. It is very important to become confident and happy. On the other hand, the skills they learn from these activities help them to build a career in future.

So, don’t let your disability be a barrier to enjoy all the fun and possibilities of the world! Just give us a call. We are a registered NDIS service provider based in Sydney. We help people living in Liverpool, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Parramatta, and Blacktown.