Assistance to Access & Maintain Employment or Higher Education

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When it comes to entering the real world, it’s very difficult to find a suitable position as the job world is really demanding! And for a disabled person, it’s even more complicated.

That’s why Australia Disability Participant offers assistance to access & maintain employment or higher education. We provide training opportunities to gain skills that make an individual compatible enough for a workplace.

We also help them to be more socially interactive. When you want to pursue a career you can always find us beside you!

We will assist you in-

  • Preparing resume
  • Attending and cracking interviews
  • Developing the skills to manage the professional world independently
  • Learning professionalism
  • Improving problem-solving mindset

Our expert team ensure that all of our eligible clients can access the following facilities:

  • Real Job with real pay
  • Professional entitlements
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to access all the internal and external training

When it comes to pursuing a higher career, your disability should be your weakness. Whether it’s a job or higher education let your skills shine and nothing else!

Assistance To Access & Maintain Employment Or Higher Education

If you find an open working environment is difficult for you, we can help you to overcome this situation too. Our specialized support employment curriculum provides an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills and practices to take into other employment opportunities.

Contact us if you or your loved ones need this service. We are a registered NDIS service provider based in Sydney. We also help people living in Liverpool, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Parramatta, and Blacktown.